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deja vu.

Quotes: Invited by GuyorBloke
Day One. I have been here before.

All change demands energy. To recharge, we need to step away and consider the future.

“Why this way?” i repeatedly asked out loud. Of course, as life has proven, no voice replies when needed the most. Alone in that empty room, I silently posed. I traced the cracks and read the signs. Do not cry. You lived. Now walk away. Rest assured, I move forward, knowing, the walls will never speak.

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i am not good at goodbyes
as i drag my feet
reluctantly wave the past behind

I may not be here, at Borderline Crossing, much longer. I have a new endeavor that requires more of my time and what time will be left over, I may find using to rest in an Adirondack chair, atop our hill, watching the sun set over Mount Wachusett. This, and a glass of wine, will suit me fine.

I have started a new blog. I am not revealing any thing other than that I am excited about this new chapter in my writing. I have yet to consider what to do with what I have blogged here.  A few ideas are floating in my mind… but I am disorganized and nothing may ever come of my efforts.

To those who have ridden this wave as long as I, it has been quite a journey.  For those new here, I may pop in on occasion, if my mind floats back toward the borderline. I have tried to say goodbye, countless times before and have always returned. It remains to be seen if I keep my word and truly move on. For now, i have taken advice to heart, to cut the ties that bind.

And so, I tarry on in dreams, with tears in my eyes. J

Wait! already i revert to my old ways. I have Day Two and Day Three quotes to fulfill for Rory at GuyorBloke. Not to mention a backlogged drafts folder. What do i do with all these crowded words and empty space? Can i save me, after all? Time tells. 😍😘❤️

20 thoughts on “deja vu.

      1. Wow! Really? I guess i have gone with the flow and today feel i need to paddle my canoe. But i do agree, rapids and droughts are inevitable. Who is throwing that at me, anyhow? 😂🕊❤️🎶🎶

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      2. Oh I paddle too, Jeanne. Like a mad woman. Always have. I feel it’s my job to steer my ship. It’s just that after my son died, I started letting the unanswerable go His way because it was sinking my boat; and somehow I started to realize I didn’t need the answers – I just needed to keep paddling. Not sure if that makes sense or not.

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      3. 😔💔😘 brave Rita! Can’t imagine losing my son (or daughters) and the subsequent pain to endure. Getting kicked in the chest… losing breath… slowly. I lost my brother who was as close to a child as i know.

        You are courage in flesh dear! 🤗 keep paddling!! Which i know you are… just feels good to say it. ❤️

        Is your blog completely off radar?

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      4. It was survival more than courage, Sister. It’s not anymore- I had to take a break to reset my oars 😂

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      5. A different story than mine. Different circumstances. It is courage for me to wake up each day. I guess having depression and anxiety means you battle life with courage… rearrange your emotional dna in ways.

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  1. Jeanne – if you switch to another blog, please be sure to let me know – really appreciate this and all your other posts, even if I don’t comment that often. This one? I “get it” … just so insightful. Best wishes on your new endeavors, too! 🙂

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    1. Jan, It is an anonymous blog that i can’t give away as i am developing a character… like acting on paper. It is 360 degrees different than anything i have written before. I gave the address to someone and have subsequently lost my focus, knowing she is reading. i really need to protect my persona, in order to be able to write there. I cannot be worried about the audience looking in.

      And i so love this comment… smiling inside. I probably won’t be here, on this blog, as often, but i am not totally abandoning this site either. Not yet. I use to burn all my poems once i felt that chapter(s) of my life were over. This time i am thinking to preserve them. And possibly add as days go by. It is difficult to abandon myself here.

      We shall see. ❤️j If anything i will be back to read your haikus. I wouldn’t miss them. 🤣🍕

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      1. Thanks for explaining, Jeanne – I completely understand – glad to hear you are continuing on new writing projects, you’re really gifted! An interesting thought about burning poems – I can see why one would – …. As for the haiku – the Guys send you a tip of the fedora 🙂

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  2. Excellent – our stories never end, our chapters never close, we just find new ways to continue with our journey 🙂

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