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are you going?

What lies beneath skin? Is it possible to know another as completely as we would love to know? Should we let others in?

Not every word written these past years has been about suicide or mental health. But woven between the lines are hints at obscure and abstract emotions. Questions interspersed to help me carry on.

No need to know why. Float.

Why put roots as a tree? Sway as the dancing seeds. Perform the red-tailed hawk’s dream.

Go as far as the wind blows.

9 thoughts on “are you going?

  1. Heeeeey! I thought you left blogland, Jeanne? Glad to see you here again. Adding you to my weekly reading list again, to at least send you a big hug every now and then πŸ˜‰ XxX

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  2. I like reading your posts. I never get notified when you post. Not sure what’s up with that. Generally I get caught up when I happen to see you in the WordPress reader. Anyways, cheers and good morning.

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  3. I think the answer is there in your lines. Hints and truths are woven between lines. We all do that. I think that is something beautiful. And should we let others in? of course. yes. But it takes a long time to know another as completely as we would like to know. Or in my experience… we never know. And it is always good to read between lines.
    Thank you for sharing your mind.

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    1. This. Much like your blog. So gracious and lovely. The experience of thinking. Who wouldn’t be enraptured? What a beautiful reception you bestow. Your comment intoxicating. πŸ’œπŸ•Š j

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      1. I’m glad to share my thoughts. And I appreciate that you captures and shares whatever that floats over all our heads. Like you said, ‘the experience of thinking’. That reflects in your blog. πŸ˜‡

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