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I wrote the above to help me through a day, last week. It was not meant for public consumption, but after reading Aguycalledbloke this morning, i decided to share. This is but a snippet of my relationship with my mother.

Is it worth returning to this planet? Of trying to understand why i am so crazy today? Am i not making progress any more? Am i not rebelling against their prison, set-up to chain me to the past?

I am my own person. My parents are gone. They had their chance to live. I have today and i cannot live in their fear… a person cannot fully live, regretful.

My love of nature is born from my dad. For that i am eternally grateful.

Direction, June 2, 2018

Run free Jeanne! Run free…

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    • Yes! Forever grateful to a wise and trusted counselor who listened to me for 10 years…. he drained our pockets but the $$$$ was worth all he gave me back… my life, my dignity, my sanity and my freedom to say goodbye and not feel guilty! Priceless! Not to say i don’t have days… life was never promised to be utopia. It should be grand, i believe. But it is not ever easy. We work on, keeping on, every day. 💜🕊🎶🎶🎶

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