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at the altar.

Exit left… continues. 4/25-6/22/18

pieces exist
all about
to afford
the chance
i be found
beneath rubble
kicked aside

Merry-go 4/25-6/22/18

and wild
she twirled around
the story ever changing
each token took to spoken

Silence engulfs. 4/25-6/22/18

why i am
i am not here
to garner attention
i am here
to figure me out

in a public fashion
i stride toward the shore
words splash against my skin

life of sin
and so much more

3 thoughts on “at the altar.

    1. Wish i had no idea what was and is going on in my mind… sometimes. Tired. Cant get out of these depressed thoughts. Thanks though… 🕊


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