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depression (couldn’t save the world.)

Yeah! It is sunny outside the window.

pull the blinds
shut the door
don’t need your happy -stuff
round here any more

saw the news
felt nothing
it is how i thought
i could
crumpled in a ball
rope hanging high
with no strength to pull
a trigger or knot

No! It is dark inside this thought.

(All around me. News. Shut off the talking heads… what the hell does any body know, any how. This guilty feeling.

Go ahead, enjoy your day… wrapped up in dreary and no relief in sight.)

4 thoughts on “depression (couldn’t save the world.)

  1. My idea of a ‘good’ day is to lie in bed and ponder/read/watch videos/sleep. If I just close my eyes, I can pretend the world is a nice happy place to be in. Why do I have to wait till I die to rest in peace? Have a good day, enjoy yourself ❤

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