the attention he gives
my heart a sponge
i sop up his smile
his brave revelry

yep, i do
like to play
toy with the boy
stuck in the corner

it makes another jealous
feel his scorn
to break his heart
i will depart

which breaks mine
ever tougher…

what turns me -this way
i gave my vow
eternally forsaken
ever lasting fool

i beg, borrow, steal
i keep lusts hidden
wandering mind
lost to hell fire

i want them all
their romantic flames
kept stoked with a twist
of my tongue


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  1. cool cos
    some of us
    have only had one
    and tho under
    and in her vagina
    nothing could be finer
    cept her keeping her mouth
    and being austic
    and realistic
    i am done with love

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