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if i were ever
to be -again

i would ask
to trace the deep dive
deeper still -beneath the sea
where love can hide
and we finish each others sentences…

i would choose to spend time
in space
where thoughts converge
together witness life whiz by -speedily

reality is
parked at the line
our colored dreams depart
My eyes
My hands
My soul…

and you!

6 thoughts on “chances

    1. 😁 aww thanks Drew! I really never get much in the way of comments. And its okay… im here to flex my writing muscles and view it as an exercise in pushing my comfort zone.

      I do love comments and you are most generous with them. Missing some bloggers who use to comment regularly. Not sure where they be off to. Oh well! Stay awesome and all the best to you and yours truly! ☺️

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      1. Thank you so much for your kind words.
        I try to follow everyone who follows me, so it has gotten impossible for me to comment on everyone’s post every time. With that said, you consistently write lovely work. When I get your email notifications, I am never disappointed when I read your work. Keep writing. I know I will happily keep reading.

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      2. It is a weird phenomenon… blogging. I have tried quitting. It gives a buzz, like any drug. Even without likes and comments, which can get you to despairing, it reels you in. Writing is my way of communicating while my paints are packed away, until some time in July. I go stir crazy being so faraway from my paints and probably wont paint until August. Much to do with unpacking our new home and such.

        I know my writing needs improvement and too often i rush a piece out before it is ready to be seen. My self-control is nil and I have no patience. Some day, when i can feel settled in my own soul, i will take the time to go through all my posts and weed out the rubbish. I use to burn everything now i keep everything… i need a balance.

        Wow… thats long! Sorry… and if you cant read, no worries. Understand life is busy… but appreciate your time taken when you can. I will read you as well. Hope your eyes are doing better. I remember when you were gone for a while… heres to a great future with the love of your life. 🍻 to years and years of bliss!

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      3. No don’t throw out anything. When I read my older work, I CRINGE. But I have rewritten a few and made them so much better. Then I reposted as a new poem. The more we write the better we get. So, you can go back and improve the ones you don’t like., Trust me I have. Eye is as good as can be. Thanks for remembering.

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