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Pay it Forward

At my own expense, i write.

I usually write poetry but occasionally i feel compelled to celebrate another blogger’s ability to impact my life. Without further interruption, A Guy Called Bloke!

Once in a while, you come across a genuinely great guy… a person who has you believing in humanity again. Some how he let me in his life and i feel honored he let me break through, in to his world… see i am a shattered bowl, once whole, until my world collapsed, exploded, shattered, rained glass shards upon my soul. I will explain because IF you weren’t part of my world until now, you would not know my brother left this world with a gun in one hand and a genie bottle in the other. The genie was disguised as alcohol. His wish, a silent desire for death. This wish should have been redacted, had i been paying attention. Awake to his pain. Instead, my selfishness ran rampant and i neglected my childhood friend. My best and only true friend, for years, and i let him vanish. Racked with guilt, grief, despair, my own wish for death was resurrected. I never thought i would walk among the living, ever again. I sat, catatonic.

Rory, overlooked my insanity, and i am ok using that word, even though i once pushed back against my therapist who asked if i was drunk, having never tasted a lick of liquor in my life! (I drink now though… it is my excuse as to why i am craaazzzzy.) Ha!

Go pay Rory some love… beside being a great writer, he shares his truly amazingly funny stories of past life, and is a champion for others, creatures great and small. His fun game right now, is answering his Snifty Questions, which got me thinking this bright morning, as if i needed prodding, about what color i am.

What color are you? Go tell him! He wants to know. Follow the link above or here.

4 thoughts on “Pay it Forward

  1. Thank you for your words Jeanne – indeed you humble me 🙂

    However, my thanks again oh Glitzy colour crayon that you are, and thank you for the tag to the Snifty Challenge.

    In terms of crayons, l too struggle with one colour – how can but a single mere colour do any of us pure justice? It can’t because we are a variant of each of our personable shades, so move over Jeanne, there is room for the two of us glitzy sparkles in the colouring box 🙂 x

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    1. Exactly! How can we limit ourselves? There is no simple answer.

      Life is a celebration and we miss out on possibilities, cornering ourselves into a box. Unless that box is left open… we should not be afraid to be used, but never abused. If someone chooses to color with us, no need to cry. A lonely crayon is perfect. A used crayon, worn from tired hands… are memories to linger, lines in the sand.

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