snap pop lost it tossed her …

We talk for one month and you write this derogatory piece and proceed to tell me you dont know me, im a stranger…. please dont fuckin tell me im crazy, a whore, bitch or any other cuss word u think of to try and get me to do your bidding john…. i have not been anything to you to treat me this way or drag me into some pig shit hole of yours or your readers.

There…. added my own shitty sin to yours!
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  1. Ha! Sure your enjoying it. Got me riled, you did! Not so pleasant now, am i? It is always the quiet ones…. 🦂🕷🖤🎶🎶🎶

  2. whatever. relax we are viral virtual strangers. perfect strangers valkie and you brought this on yaself. now please go in peace bye bye!

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