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personal musings unleashed

personal musings may become a new expression on my blog… although i am uncertain if i can keep anything going strong, and should my stamina last longer than a day… black ribbons of death long to bind my mind… gold leaves, my refugee… but,

perhaps if i deliberately live, as i made a promise to…

so there is one week left before we move to our new home… and miraculously we have offers to purchase, on our other two houses…

i once sat on a lonely mountain, wondering if i could be shot to the moon and witness happiness… sailing the evening stars… brightly hanging as a moonbeam to illuminate humanity… stuck in depression, wracked with anxiety, pacing the wood floors, imprisoned behind padded walls of white…

nothing shines in starkness…

did i mention i am getting a piano… going to learn a new skill… wonder if it will help my writing… oh! the thrill to open my box of paints. again!

calm down, beating heart. your building a crescendo. time comes on it’s own terms and your rushing matters, weaves black ribbons amongst gold leaves.

until we meet again… πŸ’œπŸ•Šj

8 thoughts on “personal musings unleashed

      1. It is okay about not meeting. I played a part in that too. Yeah, I am having fun with the monochrome paintings. Cranking them out. By the end of my day, I start to nail it, all painterly. Then must stop. Next day, I end up warming up, getting to the same result, once again at the end my day, ad infinitum…..


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