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Nietzsche’s Questionnaire (reblog)

Daniel Paul Marshall’s blog... click link to read the complete post. “Nietzsche concludes book III (268-275) of The Gay Science by posing 8 questions to himself & answering them. I found, answering them as if they were philosophically incentivized Rorschach blotches, quite revealing.”

Finally posting my answers to the 8 questions… (and yours?)

What makes one heroic? Saving yourself from doubt.

In what do you believe? Myself. My ability to contradict the obvious and assert i am nothing.

What does your conscience say? To pardon, is the first act of grace.

Where are your greatest dangers? My ability to listen and hear with my eyes.

What do you love in others? A sense of humor.

Whom do you call bad? The unmistakable persistence of a man caught in a game of chance.

What do you consider most humane? The ability to live.

What is the seal of liberation? Saying goodbye despite having just said hello.

13 thoughts on “Nietzsche’s Questionnaire (reblog)

    1. Fantastic! 👏🏼 I also chose ‘myself’ as to who i believe (in) unless of course i am lost in my dream world and regretfully forget where the door is… but honestly intrigued by the rest of your answer… certainly worth my tome to contemplate… like Ray, i am happy Daniel Paul Marshall’s original post is making the rounds… YES! I believe the intent and purpose if the post is being fulfilled!!! TY ☀️🕊🎶💜


    1. Wonderful Ray! This morning, what particularly attached to me, were the snowflakes all plead ‘not guilty’ … and then mosey further and read ‘To KNOW that your shoes are free from the dirt’ adds a dimension to the whole idea… 👏🏼💕 there are two neighbor cats, in the vicinity of our new home, who freely roam… both have been spotted in our back yard… neither willing to introduce themselves properly. Suspicious critters… they may be up to no good and on the other hand they may be protecting our house from rodents… who is the bad guy in all that is taking place? Who? 😁🕊💜🎶🎶


    1. Hey 👋🏻 all good… look forward to reading a bit while i take a break from opening boxes and putting away clothes… and great… will look for your post. J💜

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  1. How did you feel about answering the questions?

    I really like your answer to, in what do you believe? I think there is something to being aware of our essential insignificance, which for me leads to creating meaning at more elementary levels, rather than having to be some great affecting vehicle. It doesn’t really mean you are nothing, you create pockets of meaning, as in, you become a presence in your family’s life. That is meaning, it is being something. It doesn’t have to be that, but it also doesn’t have to be something that affects large numbers of people. I mean, look how many people Trump affects, & he will be remembered, but why would anyone want to be remembered for those things. I’d rather be quiet. Nothing.

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    1. Easy. I have been thinking consistently about my existence for some time… and within 5 minutes what you read, appeared. I think i am to the core of myself, unless i begin to wrap myself up again. Get lost. I really enjoyed these questions… j

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