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personal musings unleashed

as a child i nagged my parents to stop smoking… my dad was happy to quit and exclaimed “i can smell and taste again!” what should have been a breakthrough was left a defeat, mom moping and poking around, complaining as usual… she wanted her cigarettes… not wanting to smoke alone, she subsided the habit, never lit another cig again… she also never let me forget her misery was my fault…

today i am suppose to be packing… what little we brought to our temporary apartment, so i better scoot and tape up some boxes to haul stuff over to our new house… it is our home tomorrow! it feels like a Christmas, as it hasn’t felt since i got a Barbie Townhouse from Santa in the 3rd grade… i won’t go into a diatribe about the evils of believing in nonsense (perhaps another day i will reminisce about breaking my brother’s heart and getting an ass whooping) or how Barbie and Ken evokes sexual feelings in kids… might just let that be forever…

not going to fix humanity and i have given up trying… my egotistical complex has been put to rest… now off to calm this racing heart… and pack!

tomorrow waits for no one ☀️😁

5 thoughts on “personal musings unleashed

  1. How exciting to move to a new house, getting to know it’s energy, make it your own. Truly hope you will find inner peace and lots of enjoyable moments exploring the new environment. Big hug! XxX

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  2. Thanks my friend, I’ve read your reply and I’m happy to listen 😊 You have a beautiful soul and a gift for writing, don’t hold back your thoughts/rants. I’m leaving a new reply here because it’s a brand new day today and I want to wish you the very best with your move. How exciting!!😁 Sending you my love and positive thoughts 💌📮✈️💞 💓 💗

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