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White Mountains, New Hampshire

try to keep this happy
keep going, dont look…

im a long way
from paradise
these books
on my back
saddled with questions
i slid off the track

moments immortalized
tranquil peace nature affords

if only
i could forget yesterday
these grief laden thoughts
my stupidity leaps and bounds
peace bought at a cost
the alter i dirtied
with selfish desires
you (nor i) could ever fulfill

dreams are our tragedy
wants to obey
saddled in misery
vows to your offering
i found, there is no answer
in any book

eden resides in my heart
and i let it beat back insanity

( i am in the middle of busy! moving into our new home in a small town, 30 miles outside Boston. All the neighbors have welcomed us with open arms and a tad gossipy…)

Mount Wachusett, Massachusetts

My everyday view for the next 8-10 years… the mountains, meadow, forest and field.

Oxbow National Wildlife Refuge

9 thoughts on “eden.

  1. Beautiful surroundings and I guess a ‘calming’ one for you mind 😉
    I always loved to move; taking along good memories, leaving the bad behind and the opportunity to start over again.

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    1. Oh no! not all to my self… 210 acres are museum grounds and the rest is a National Wildlife Refuge… recently found out a neighbor has an otter couple! Hope they have pups! I am definitely in a zone here… well once i unpack, change our bird bands, get settled… paperwork, paperwork, paperwork 😔 enjoying it all though… Mr. Black Rock is crowing as i write… wonderful way to wake. ☀️

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    1. Good to hear from you. And agreed. I confess moving is a terrible chore while i welcome it in the same breath. This particular move is healing. Have not moved for 19 years so a lot encountered. The bad thing is no furniture until July 2! And then weeks of organizing… blah, blah, blah! But soon my paints will be here.

      Good luck to you too! Take it easy… try to enjoy moments. Grateful to be tackling anxiety and depression along the way!

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