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personal musings unleashed.

thoughts from mid June 2018

As of late i have been thinking. Endlessly the wheel rotates and nothing new is generated. My therapist called it rumination. And typically rumination has led to increased anxiety.

My anxiety is spiked. Last weekend i ran to the White Mountains. Last night i ran to Prospect Hill, to watch the sunset over Mount Wachusett.

The end was fiery.

Soon those sunsets will be a permanent reality. Life is changing. Again. Hopefully for happier memories.

A new home is on the horizon. My phoenix. My vision ripening.

This home sits across the street from a working farm. Soon my mornings will be greeted by crowing and clucking and baaaaahing. Words i can understand. Their bleetings a welcome greeting.

And i will be taking music lessons. The past homeowners are leaving behind a piano. My mother always talked of how she wanted to learn to play. She was comforted by her regrets. I learned wishes are useless unless you move to make them real.

(All the photos were taken by my daughter while i drove obeying all rules. Unlike this poor fellow or gal.)

Update: i am moved in. On Monday, July 2, 2018, boxes of stuff were dropped off. Time to unpack. So far, my mood is stable. I am ridiculously happy…

July 2nd’s sunset. Mild. Predictable. Like clockwork… i am.

10 thoughts on “personal musings unleashed.

  1. Those are gorgeous photos. The new home sounds so serene. I’ve thought of taking mandolin lessons, as I have just been handed down one. πŸ™‚ I want to, but we shall see how soon I can make that a reality.


  2. Your daughter took marvelous photo’s. Ah, the piano. My father moved into a smaller house and there was lack of space for his piano. He passed it on to me and I join your wish to learn to play it. And like you; making this wish come real and will soon start to learn how to play πŸ™‚

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      1. I will and you do the same ok?!
        Ah, how lovely. Send some sea breeze over here, we could use it. Really hot for weeks now and that is not ‘normal’. Running around all day to water the plants…

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