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My Facebook Rant (reblog)

I notice people of varying races like to point out faults of other races… and religion and sexes. So in my INFP Facebook group i wrote:

Equal disgust to any person, regardless of race, religion, sex, etc., right? Because its great people talk … so next time you defend another religion, race, sex, etc., for doing same, remember your outrage at this. Next post could easily be someone you couldnt believe would be so barbaric, like MS13 gang or muslim jihadist or fill-in-the blank with murderers, rapists, which knows no bounds… try speaking out against them as well. And how about defending the children sold and appearing in US court with no parent showing up to claim them. Defend the girls in the middle east stoned to death… but still breathing. Defend the white christian south africans being massacred. Or even black christians in nigeria. You get the point.

Have heard nothing yet. No feedback… waiting.

My other point of view… on my personal page.

Hate knows no bounds. I find it particularly aggravating when we point out a race, religion or sex committing evil against another. It is the mind, heart and soul that is damaged that is capable of committing atrocity more than the skin color. Some people commit crimes, who adhere to a particular worldview, based on ethnicity or religion and even sex, but they are twisting what is normally a peaceful existence. At least i hope so. So…. when someone points out a “white” “brown” or “black” person, which really is varying degrees and shades, let us remember we all have light in our background. All humanity begins with light. Let us not twist humanity into evil and box us into stereotypical groups. All people are capable of committing evil. All.

17 thoughts on “My Facebook Rant (reblog)

  1. Ah Jeanne, my thoughts exactly. I understand the history of different race, and the struggles each race had to endure, are lessons learned. I do not want to be insensitive, or bagatelle racial issues still alive today, however, I often wonder if by keep talking about ‘black’, ‘white’, ‘Afro-American’, ‘gays’, etc. is contributing to discrimination staying ‘alive’. We are human beings. Point. I don’t care if someone is black, white, yellow, purple, gay, straight, feminine, male, religious, democrat, republican: bad is bad, and good is good.

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    1. Exactly… some want to keep strife alive… for drama’s sake! Or for some reason… most likely not good reasons. Hope your day is well!!!! ✌🏼❤️🎶🎶🎶

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      1. TY 💗and yes… happiness here… and much needed tranquility. Time to move on… not forgetting but forgiving and resting and loving again. I am brave enough to face the past and not fall into despair that led to my depression, anxiety and psychosis. I said a lot… will say a lot… all part of healing. Hope your enjoying retirement… bliss!!! 🕊💕🎶🎶

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    1. And, and until we change our understanding of people, we will never surpass our current position in life. We are at a stand still. Caught up in a circle of non-existence. We remain at a rudimentary understanding of progress. Progress is not upholding one person, race, or sex above all others. It is holding all people as equals. People have fought peacefully, such as MLK Jr and Gandhi… Jesus… for such a purpose in life. Let us rise to such a standard, an awakening, an uprising of no bashing particular groups. None. The past is passed. Forgiveness is the only way forward along with true love for each other and holding accountable those who wish ill to others.

      My only stumbling block in this is religion or spirituality. I have not worked out this tenet. All religions have a core goal. That is peace. But none of them are completely compatible with each, in achieving such.

      People at their core are spiritual. Souls are formless. Love is the root of peace.

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