6 thoughts on “Provincetown MA

    1. Thanks friend… appreciate you! Have you found a good alternative for your pain? Acupuncture? I have a funny story… well sort of funny. To me… only. But i could not swallow medicine until late 20’s… 😮😂 so whenever i got a headache as a kid, I squeezed as tight as i could between my thumb and pointing finger and miraculously the head pain subsided. (I rarely get headaches as an adult… absent of family drama. Another miracle cure!) There are definitely other pressure points and if your able, give it a whirl. I hope you have found something to help… you dont want to aggravate and make it worse… make new problems. 🤔🤕

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      1. Hey Jeanne,

        I tried acupuncture many years ago for a different matter, and it never worked, they said my body didn’t allow it to.

        I had seen the magical ways of alternative medicine in Malaysia. I think we have to identify the problem first.

        They wish to explore problems with lungs at present.

        Keep well 🙂

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