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i am not neglecting you. personal musings unleashed.

Sorry i have not had time to peruse your blogs. I am usually quite attentive. Of late i am swirling in personal obligations. Life is happening… again. I am fully alive and grateful to have passed through ten years of darkened days, oft taken for night. Days of sleep are now past. I am busy setting up a home in Massachusetts. Last week was spent in Cape Cod while our red oak floors were refinished. The floors are beautiful again. I am feeling beautiful too! 😍😘😊

Never have i felt so at peace. Not since Christmas 1990, when finally in 1995, i was awakened to grace and forgiveness… my rollercoaster emotions in 2008 took me drowning in feels of self-defeat. Grief. Guilt. Despair. A season of MDD with psychosis set in. Luckily minds change. So mine is too! For the better. A healing is happening in this house move.

I will get to your blogs. In time. I have not forgotten you. You matter. I will be by soon enough…

some of my time spent in art galleries…

13 thoughts on “i am not neglecting you. personal musings unleashed.

    1. What a beautiful thing to say… it made me cry. I feel (or rather felt) such a disappointment to people i cared so much for… felt abandoned… but now i feel free of all the pain, anger, hurt and despair… hmmmm!

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      1. Ohhhh, Jeanne! This makes my whole day ❀️. No more tears. Just that bright, beautiful smile. And of course, the fabulous art you give the world.

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      2. Rita, there are simply not enough words to satisfy this urge to create… nothing will ever give credence to this love i carry for people… but if even a sip of art (and absolutely not just mine…) brings happiness to someone… wow! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸŽΆπŸŽΆπŸŽΆ

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