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Have you listened to David Gilmour’s album “Rattle that Lock” from 2015?

I downloaded it last evening while my thoughts danced in my head… this album put me at ease… at times certain songs were on repeat… “5 am” was one such song. His guitar playing… it calms a well-worn soul…

The whole “Rattle that Lock” album is gold. And an oldie to say goodbye to you today. Be well WP friends. 😍😘🍷🍷❤️

7 thoughts on “Lisztomania

    1. Music… and smells! Nothing quite compares to the intoxicating combination. Being at a loss for a further word i googled…. i/we are not alone in these thoughts, Drew. Check out this link

      The author of this article uses the same adjectives i was thinking. The creative places our senses transport us is quite a miracle.

      Some scents being more provocative… others serene. We can choose where we want to convene. Perhaps a poem can and should encompass the sights, smells and sounds we imagine.

      I think 🤔💭 i am going down another rabbit 🐇 hole… alice is getting lost again! 😯🤗✌🏼

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      1. Please stay with us Alice. We need to read more of your beautiful writing.
        You know, I haven’t injected scents enough in my work. Thank you for mentioning it. Have to make a note of it.
        Yeah, now you have me thinking of all of the senses. Would you mind if I mention you and your blog in a future post, when I come up with a poem exploring the senses?


      2. 😂 thanks! Being alice is interestingly fun! Need to be her more often.

        i too need to slow down… meaning i need to be more deliberate. I started off 2018 on a slow pace, with good intentions. And then found myself chugging too fast… life likes to rush us… barely gives us a chance to catch ourselves falling off the cliff. 😮😁 have a great day Andrew. 🌞💭

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      3. Oh, you’re killing me. LOL
        Being Alice can be fun. Enjoy it.
        Thanks and have a wonderful day yourself. And I will be replying to that dream comment in a little while. I am so far behind on comments.

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