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She’s leaving home

To my beautiful daughters Emily and Anna. Who i hold forever in thought.

the basket propped
the counter freshly wiped
a tear stained our eyes

miles apart
though we stand face-to-face
time rips out our hearts

words fly over my head
she cuts through my skin
finds freedom to swim

stretching her arms
songs chime from the yard
and freshly baked bread fills the air

waves come and go
as she dances to and fro
so i relunctantly sway

sway under the moon
watch the newly risen sun
and worship the ground she once stood upon

17 thoughts on “She’s leaving home

      1. cos i can. you came back like a weed in my garden. acting like your benevolent when we both know you are just another tess. a mess a teaser .a liar


    1. What do you think of Milos Karadaglic? Do you like classical guitar? Any guitarists you like that i should know? Of course i mentioned David Gilmour yesterday. Like Al DiMeola…

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      1. In truth, l don’t have any particular favourites in any genre Jeanne, if l hear something and l like it, l will listen to to it, and then if something else catches the eyes of this mental 12 year old l’ll listen to that 🙂

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      2. Well… i will certainly wait to see your next post then. Keep singing… 🎼 🎵 🎶 A couple composers i like are Howard Shore and Alexandre Desplat… maybe a post in the future? 🧡😁

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