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    1. Honestly, wasn’t sure if it would make sense to others. It may still not… 🧐 my mother could never figure me out. Not expecting others “to get” me either… but dearly appreciate even one person who may have an inkling …

      just bought Anne Sexton’s “Words for Dr Y”. Right now, my top read of the year. I only skimmed the surface. I get her. That in itself quite frightening…

      Thanks for always commenting… be well. I did send an email… from gmail.

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      1. I will be getting back to you there. My life has been so hectic my head is spinning. I love poetry. I have a poem I will be posting soon, I will let you know before I post it. You may relate a little. Enjoy the book.

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      2. Forge ahead! Poetry is the best!!! Succinct and cutting… sometimes balmy, invigorating and mind-bending. Worlds away and perhaps, a picture if people next door… poems are windows, walls and doors.

        Love that you keep writing despite the frantic pace of life… lately. Squeeze in a poem when you are able! Yes!!! Or better yet… abandon all sense and swim in the words as they crash into you. Keep your head above the waves though, Drew!!! Breathe.

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