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It is as if…

Where to start? It is as if my life is being lived in one day… with no way to slow down. Juggling between need-to-do and want-to-do and compromising. All this beauty is descending upon my head in rocket speed… the town i have moved to is bursting at the seems with poetry and dance.

Harvard MA was home to the Alcott’s and other Transcendentalists who started a Utopian Society at Fruitlands. I am in love with the philosophy.

All matters of life are to be sipped here.

I am gulping… famished from years of neglect. I am bathing in this community and coming alive.

To be continued…

Even the air… intoxicating!

9 thoughts on “It is as if…

      1. Its not that i don’t want to, as i love and respect you… but i am claustrophobic. 😔


      2. No worries. I’m just not interested in sharing my dairy publicly any longer. I stay only to read the writers I enjoy.


      3. Understand Rita. I have to crack open my shell… hid too long and was dying. I cant control those who read my blog, nor do i desire to… if they come to hurt… i can empathize with them but will not join in their escapade. We all groove to our own beat… whether we rise or sink. If i wasnt so afraid… i would join… but im running too fast to stop. I am sure it is lovely, heart-wrenching work to post and dont stop. And how wonderful you still find me worth reading. 🤣🙃💗✌🏼😘❤️


      4. You are more than worthy! I love, love, love the gifts the make up the soul that is Jeanne.


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