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when do you know a poem is finished? The poem…


words elude/ no shoes on their feet/ as laughter barrels down the dirty alley /distant vibes play pretend/ and the rhythmic tide prays/ i sway with the ocean’s beat/ rattles wash ashore/ again and again and again/ lap me up/ once more/ Monhegan


(working on this… like all of my poems posted. nothing is ever finished.

i think i need to tease out visuals. does the poem have movement? give you any sense of passion? yearning?)


2 thoughts on “

    1. And never find it ;( I never will… because no words can express what movement can. Our words can certainly move us. Make us feel intensely. But there are no true words to say how we really feel. Music (w/o words) is the closest to expressing truth. Moving or painting to the sound, second. Then words. And it takes a lifetime to find the perfect word. If ever. And even then, we find ourselves editing. At least this is true for me.


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