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Drum Circle

A new experience presented itself within a community to celebrate positive energy. This was most of the group’s first time being together. The hour started with rhythmic drum beats mimicking the heart’s life force.

There were 15 of us, each with a drum and another percussion instrument. This video is the third of four sets, each naturally lasting between 12-13 minutes. The group leaders did little to manipulate each interval of creative expression. They flowed as swiftly and gently, or vigorously and bountifully, as the Nashua River, deep in the Valley of Oxbow.

As the hour progressed, a golden hue encompassed us. We said farewell to the sun. Then to each other. Look forward to another drum circle September 12.

drifting dragonfly
heartfully-winged escapade
soaring fantasies

Mantled Baskettail

9 thoughts on “Drum Circle

      1. My niece and nephew were Oneida dancers in the tribe drum circle when they were children. It’s a divine experience indeed.


    1. Andrew, It was a phenomenal time spent with varied people… no one wanted to leave… we could have spent the whole evening into morning drumming. Some danced with the maracas… there was an ancient Japanese drum… it tore through the soul. We broke out several times in laughter… spontaneous release of negative energy that became light and airy. The hills were silent… listening in desperation. To hear intently what energy would develop. Earlier in the week, i had seen a Bobcat walking the rock fence line. I have gorgeous pictures and i should write a post for them. Sometimes words mess up the processing… still glowing from that encounter. Sacred. Experiences. This is the most magnificent time of my life except for the birth of my three children. Thanks for noticing the rhythms… i am still developing my war dance. What is to come… let the quiet be a moment… let it speak as loud as i am. Maybe these words are my next post… lol!


      1. Yes, you should write a post along with the photos. This sounds so inspiring. You reply is inspiring itself. We both may get some poems out of this. You are going to do this again, right?


      2. I will try… the words are humming deep inside… whether they emerge is like wondering where a mushroom bursts forth… running between the ocean waves, mountain air, glistening water flow, sounds of ancient footprints of the valley below… all so much to incorporate… i am quite disappointed in my words that do emerge… feel so flat and clunky! Dull and putrid. There is nothing enough to express the sacred i am witnessing other than sitting below the cloud that hovers over me and to ingest the cry of my friend, the hawk. I will say the drums do a fine job of explaining… will keep searching… there is only one masterpiece and putting all these years together is no easy task. Trying is all i can do… i think when i die my spirit will finally dance. Right now, feel bound by my lack and inability to paint with words.


      3. You words are expressive enough. You capture the magic of the moment. This was the most amazing experience. Has you at a loss for words. Wait a few days the words will cascade out of you.


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