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who desires acceptance
and love
while yearning for copious eyes
to embrace the soul

to plunge under
his magic umbrella
a pledge to guard a heart
watch her sunning mind under noonday

never been happier… not since the day of accolades rained upon her ego… only to crush her in a tidal wave of disapproval.

24 hours passing
riding the paranoid
to the infatuated sky girl dreaming life away…

scorched in tar
paved by scars
ridden over and under
and left for dead

they cannot sit still to hash out the novel nor can they bury their eyes in journals to edit submissions… a combination of lazy and creative ambition… heads twirling 360.

and all he can do is rock
swing in the tree
all too happy
collecting leaves as they

unlatch from the source
life as bitter
sweet tragedy
she pours sorrow into strife.

5 thoughts on “atonement

    1. 💝thanks for the support, always. Still feel like i am learning to ride the bike… quite wobbly and hope to remove the training wheels and feel confidence. Soon. Or maybe it never happens but i will enjoy the ride all the same. Some of us never bloom… our best selves cut short. 🤷🏼‍♀️✌🏼


      1. Confidence will happen. I started writing poetry three years ago. And when I read my poems from three years ago, I want to puke. They embarrass me.

        You are blooming. Stay inspired.


      2. It is a mirror reflection… if our brilliance is shadowed it may be us who cannot see clearly our worth. The world wears on us and criticizes enough… we should try and see a glimmer of beauty even if we do not believe in ourselves.


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