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personal musings unleashed…

Call me mad, crazy, or whatever you like… but i have a theory. Being out in the greater world, beyond social media, i witness polite calmness. People caring for each other. Yesterday morning I hiked with the Boxborough Birders and witnessed a phenomenon i thought was all but disappeared.

The ocean wave phenomenon where natural vibrations occur. A peaceful, mindful meditation that invites connection to our physical, emotional, spiritual surroundings. So then why do we invite the stirring of tidal waves and cyclones and whirlpools that ravish our hearts? Why listen to the talking heads and social engineers. Those critics unleashing irresponsible rhetoric while having a field day causing famine in minds and souls.

I dare say “Abandon ship immediately!!”

One of these days i will heed my own call. Desperate to find like-minded souls to confide in and embrace, i search out solace in spirit-people. Until then, all hell ensues to eat my peace alive! I must erect barb-wire! I must cling to my kindness, my smile! My desire to love!

I must cling lest my grip over my destiny be eroded!

Watch from above, as i slip into the social abyss… my dove

wings plucked

and feathers amiss!


(I do not know, who you think i am writing about and against. But it may not be the people you think i am… because it is the lot of them. The whole crew trying to “fix” the world by talking ad nauseam. We need a day of quiet… no! a month, at least, of quiet. Our inner thoughts need to reset before we drive ourselves mad!)

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