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Is writing only to publish a book?

some of my felted pieces


So I abandoned my writing here on WP in order to pursue other creative expressions. Guess I was kinda bored with words. But not entirely restless. I dabbled for a bit in paint, wool felt, collage and learning the piano. None and all pursuits satisfied.

I also took shelter under a published poet, during this time, to gain feedback on my words. He addressed nine of what I consider some of my better poems and he suggested one was ready to publish. But where?

Yet, before I publish in a journal, I wondered, do I wait, sit longer with the other poems until they are publishable in the greater sense, by a jury of peers? Until the realization of the time problem and my ability to fix them. Or would the object lesson of editing render me helpless? Why should I consider putting twenty to thirty poems together in a chapbook? Then I think out loud “Why even allow the renegade poems to take my mind and heart hostage?

Friends and readers, I am still no further along this journey. I am unsure what to pursue full force. Do I saturate myself in pursuing publishing perfection or give up the destination? Do I stay with the map and follow the stars? Or abandon ship and set off on a new course? What should be my priority? All avenues would be ideal.

One thing is for certain, I look forward to indulging my creative expressions and see where I end up and sharing them here for awhile. My Instagram account has now been neglected. Cheers!

Happy creating, J✌🏼❤️🎶🎶🎶

9 thoughts on “Is writing only to publish a book?

  1. What are the chances of me living in a mansion because of my writing? Very slim but it can be true.
    It was a good post. I have my thoughts on it…..ready?!!!! Let´s hii it.

    If I didn´t write poetry or my very cool novel, I would probably go completely nuts. To me it brings a very personal satisfaction, ofcourse I would love to people read me, but at the same time I do know how hard has been for me, now is “so so”, but the good things I have now like the Internet to express myself, I treasure it but, again, I know if everything goes down the tube I´m able to survive.
    But, again…..but but but, I will always write, even when I was homeless I manged to get a bunch of napkins from the bar, a pencil, and write. It´s just a passion. Now people read me it seems, they didn´t when I was writing in a bench in a not very good park to say the least

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    1. Keep writing!!! Yes!!! Napkins, newspapers, computer screen… love your attitude. And about that mansion… i hope you get it!!! 🥳💙❤️✌🏼


  2. Do you write for yourself or to make a living? If you write to create then there should be a part of you that knows whether your work is good, the feeling of satisfaction overtaken by elation when you know you have created something very different. Whilst positive comment is nice, I am content if someone says my work made them happy, or had meaning for them. 🙂

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    1. Certainly not for a living. I started writing in therapy, unable to speak out loud the unconscious and was mired in generations of don’t talk. But now having walked through that fire I want to be able to watch this beautiful world and capture a tiny bit of the divine. Yes, the depressed and anxious always wiggles its way into my thoughts, which spills out in my words. But I am becoming more courageous and willing to battle the fences that kept me cornered.

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