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Diamonds (Originally posted Feb 18, 2018.)

Please read to the end, even if you are not in the mood to be cheery!!!! I truly care for you…

🌟 Possibilities exist in every shiny thought.

Never allow yourself to be squared in to a corner without a circle. Be adVenturous! Find a star and start running.

Even if it takes a lifetime to catch your star, realize you will have lived a full life chasing it.

Don’t pay attention to your neighbor’s faults. Work on your own. Once you realize no one is perfect, you will find inner peace exists.

Turn the other cheek. Forgive. Love. Move on. If your enemies follow you, hooray. And if they disappear, too bad they missed out living life along with you. Hopefully, and i sincerely mean this, i pray everyone can discover and name their own star to chase.

Just never stop chasing your star once you find and name it! 🌟 J

(I do not write this lightly. I have been depressed and suicidal. It has taken 50 years to reach my pinnacle. I have swam through snake infested waters, mosquito-riddled forests and felt unloved by the very people who should have helped me in life. I get the pessimist. I was one. Life seems to be turning for the good and i rejoice that i endured and can speak hope today. If you turn from this post because your hurting, reach out. There are people who care! I pray you find your star!)

15 thoughts on “Diamonds (Originally posted Feb 18, 2018.)

  1. You are truly an inspiration to this world, and to me as well. A true warrior I dare say. I struggle every day just like you, I only hope to see my reflection in the mirror when my long hair turns silver. Thank you for this marvelous post

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    1. Like me, i pray my song dies. It only lives as i breathe. It is fluid like the river. It will pass through and over, leave its mark while i walk the earth, but as vapor, will depart and give new birth. ✌🏼❀️

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  2. It’s kind of like the way that back in the day sailors would use stars to navigate. Even when the seas are stormy, that star is still there to help reorient ourselves.

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