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Empty Plans

I am feeling the agony and emptiness of a beating heart. Everything that has kept me ticking, will slowly be poured out on the stark white page. I bleed heavy. My head will slowly fill-up the empty plans. This life is definitely a puzzle.

Over the course of the next few weeks (or months) I am hoping to empty my WP drafts folder. Post photo prompts. Hang around and read fellow bloggers.

I also have long-held, inner dreams, to produce into visible work, to meet prying eyes, a children’s book. I genuinely feel 2020 is the year my children’s book will come to fruition. (Only been a dream since 1988.) Which means I will be rather busy working on the quilt that coincides with the book. The quilt is as much of a story as the words on the pages. I am totally psyched about the storyboard which is now 80% complete.

I am also on the edge of a breakthrough in putting together a coherent and well-thought out book of poems. (Umm.. maybe?) Anyhow, the theme is being narrowed down as I write. It mostly will delve into archaic ideas but I will work diligently to modernize the stories. The book holds a distinct purpose in understanding and shining a light on humanities past as well as give us space to breathe and recapture our commitment to make the world a peaceful existence. I am called to be a peacemaker, so peace is what I bring.

We each live one day at a time. Who decides which bell to strike?

3 thoughts on “Empty Plans

    1. Thanks for the luck! I certainly need it.. one to stay on track! Two, to see my plans through to completion. Actually, I guess three, to not get sidetracked by every shiny bauble. 🙀😹😾😼😸❤️

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