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Sneak peek.
(A new project in the works.)
This time
hangs like ecstasy
which drives the bike wheel
round the bend
curves me
and i stare into the glass

the clanking ice cubes
cool me down
enough to hear the wing span
of a hummingbird
whirl past
where lessons see us
standing arm in arm.

When life sends signals we must drop our basket full of good intentions and empty it of what leaves us unsure. Then refill the empty spaces with gems unbridled. New words will form new thoughts and the road addresses the change. Come walk with me as I explore this landscape. You are most cordially invited.

The first of the year was a foggy agony. I immediately recognized the old seeping into my bones. The rattling knees swayed in tepid breeze. Then, friend’s voices spoke gently to remind me all is well in the end. So I hang hope on the clanging door. The transition from once to hence continues on. Peace.

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