5 thoughts on “Week in Review: B&W

    1. It is a rhubarb that had flowered. A big no! But worth a picture before I cut the flower down. Rhubarb makes a good bitter for mixed drinks such as gin. This is the main reason I grow it as well as to make at least one rhubarb & strawberry muffin, bread or pie. Definitely Spring time now! 🍓

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      1. Yeah, rhubarb is not everyone’s first choice. It is an acquired taste at best. Mixed with strawberries it leaps off the dessert tray… lol! Well, maybe not.

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      2. haha! Here is NY, fancy restaurants like to use it as a year-end, farm-to-table alternative to Strawberries, which is only available locally for a month or two of the year. I’d rather have non-local strawberries in the off season, LOL

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