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Abandoned Voices

Abandoned Voices #1
To taste the air.
To know the wind.
To watch a bird
take flight
and welcome home
freedom’s fight.

To touch the ground’s
growing heartbeat.
To know our day’s bleak
as we are weak
to ever soar above.

If we understood each waking hour, what sound emerges for us? What lays at the edge of every step we take? Is freedom ever found?

The glimmer of hope rings true until the descent brings one closer. So how does one revive the home fire when all the logs are burnt?

I hope to continue Abandoned Voices through a series of photos that capture thoughts and answer questions. This being the first photograph, edited.

3 thoughts on “Abandoned Voices

  1. How mystic, how beautiful🍁💕
    The questions you posed, have different answers for everyone, I feel. Each one perceives every sound, every word, every place, differently. Answering questions like these, is a journey, the most beautiful of them.

    Loved what you wrote! And the picture along with it is really pretty🌸🌸 I do hope you continue it❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am trying to hear myself… 🌊💙🎶

      Thank you Ishita for a beautiful and thoughtful comment. We can only hope to do life justly and loyally. And when we fail, that too is just. For we know then how to forgive. (Maybe my next post? 😀 Thanks for the musings!)

      Blessings… 🎶❤️❤️❤️🎶

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