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Abandoned Voices

We learn to accept and mourn. Not necessarily because we would choose to witness changes. Change is anxiety ridden and mental complications arise from foregoing what was once comforting. Rather, we adapt to new surroundings to lessen the anxious feelings.

body aches progress
no rain last night means
the task of watering plants resumes
bee balm has budded and bloomed

the trek up the stones
two black spruce saplings
and mountain ash twigs have rooted
a coyote takes notice
her footprints sniffed and noted

a cooling wind arrives
soft brush against her thighs
lady’s slippers have vanished
printed dress lays longer than knees
feet bare and blackened soil

coyote and mistress howl
between leafed branches a sighting
bones sorted among rocks
abandoned toil to rest
the new moon arrives with joy

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