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Week in Review : B & W

There was one too many people who took it upon themself to deflect and blame and incite and flame hatred against sisters and brothers. And if we cannot find it in our hearts and minds to be personally responsible to protect a sister or brother in harms way, how the hell does love win?

Its unfathomable to think one can use a uniform to justify brutality. Maybe this time police reform will happen? Which politician will stand up and bring real change in policing policy? Who?

In the mean time, I hope MLK supporters and other civil rights protectors, will not get lost in this chaos. That forgiveness and love will pave a way forward for those who stand for an innocent life stripped away.

3 thoughts on “Week in Review : B & W

    1. Nothing has changed since JFK worth clapping for and I honestly have no hope left in politics. Personal responsibility and self inspection will get us much farther than waiting on a savior of sorts. My opinion. Sorry if it comes across testy… but i work with people of color, one on one, and the past week does nothing to help my cause. I work hard to build bridges… to earn trust. How my volunteer position looks when I go back? No clue. But I know who I am and people learn eventually that I am the real deal. No slogans or photo Ops or bs! Ever. Just be compassionate and real and loving towards everyone. I encourage personal relationships over anything. Human bonds bridge evil.

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