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You and Us

I apologize before you get too deep into the muck. My crazy head is a rubber bouncing ball as I jump from topic to topic. I apologize if you are feeling dizzy after reading posts. My life is rarely planned and I go where the spirit sends me.

My Artist Studio Window

My studio is just about complete. It is feeling cozy. Full of all the things I pick up on my walks in the forest behind the house. Where all manner of bird and mammal live. A black bear and a moose were spotted recently about 1/2 mile from here. Do I hope they visit? Yes and no. As I recently set up a bee hive and a brooder with a resident six chicks, if black bear could keep the appetite in check and moose only comes to clown, I am putting out the welcome.

Forest Finds

Do things seem different here on my blog? I feel a different woman lately. I feel freer. Freedom is a lovely thing. I wish you all peace and hopefully poetry flows for us.

Break through
to see you
I invite us into
fluid movement

the whale ascends the heavens
her voice carries us forward
straight lines that converge into wildness
our voices obscure
and abstract is the face

Make like a river and go with the flow. Shalom Jeanne

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