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Morning Musings

Plum Island, MA

In our irresponsibility, we rather blame others for personal shortcomings, than face our own darkness. A true person of integrity would seek truth, regardless the cost to ego. There is sound historical record, although often coerced to fit modern agendas, we embark research in areas of psychological interest. We easily blame religion as reasoning for bloodshed. Perhaps the taste of others misery helps us weather our own storms.

Another turned against humanity.

Crossing over to a twilight zone kaleidoscope eyes feast on dreams and circumstance. Do we fail to see what is happening? The world is not going to end tomorrow, as far as i know. But equally frightening is that it could. And not frightening in the sense that life becomes non-existent, but that while we possessed breath, we missed the purpose of earth.

Sometimes death frees more than the person gone. Other times it chains hearts to dreams and wishes. And then there is death that haunts forever.
I think our Creator is wrong… love will not save the world. Unless love is no longer required to discipline. Unless love is no longer required to forgive. Unless love is allowed to hate the enemy.

7 thoughts on “Morning Musings

  1. I’m glad you don’t fall for the “all things will end soon” rhetoric. We live in a beautiful world. Its full of joy, pain, beauty and ugliness. But its our world, we have no other. And, whilst we may or may not have gods, we definitely have humanity. I’ll always have faith in humanity. It may get lost occassionally but generally it pulls through. Respect for fellow man is ruined by religion. I argued again for my position of human rather than ‘infidel’ or ‘heathen’. Love is something nurtured like respect and cannot be demanded. Although fear is a great motivator and works well for many religions. Yours are always interesting musings. Thanks.

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    1. Samantha, I read your words and pondered my inner reactions. I never want to come to a conversation from an argumentative response. Or to prove my thoughts. I understand your worldview from my hill of emotions.

      I agree earth is beautiful. We should strive to embrace our fellow neighbor. Respect should be enough to mend differences. Love keeps no record of wrongs and is not selfish, but selfless.

      The tangible is easy. The space between us, the infinite possibility of spirit, and finding the broken-hearted, are the territory we need to heal.

      I may have missed something in your words. Not addressed them fully. Im not fully here, in this space and time, to adequately do so. But i will reread and treasure your response, as i explore and attempt to define my life. Just one person who is known only to her friends and acquaintances. I still love Emily Dickinson’s poem that reminds me I am nobody, who are you?


      1. Some one who can no longer view your posts. ??? I am a bit confused. You no longer want to read or cannot see them? Your posts never show up in my feed. I have to search for them after you respond to mine. 😢


      2. Yesterday when I tried to view your posts a window came up saying, ‘You do not have permission to view’. However, today I can see them. It reminds me of problems I had last year with wordpress. The timing makes it hard to see as random but it really could be out of our control. Sorted now so alls good. I hope you are feeling good today.


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