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Aren’t we having fun? —Michael33

The coffee didn’t brew
The shower didn’t run
The room…too cold for you
Aren’t we having fun?

Laid out clothes never again to be worn
Cats basking in the morning sun
I’m reminiscing of days since I was born.
Aren’t we having fun?

No sounds of pickin’ guitar
Or TV showing the political run
I pray he hasn’t gone too far
Aren’t we having fun?

No pain to feel
No meds on the tongue
I keep thinking this can’t be real
Aren’t we having fun?

A warm embrace and kiss on the face
In final moments with the one
That I can still hear echoes of his voice saying…Aren’t we having fun?

It is with great sadness that I share the passing from this life to the next of Michael33, my daddy. Thank you for following his poetry blog. I hope it gave you as much joy as it did our family.

A final Namaste,

On behalf of Michael33

WordPress will forever be at a loss to lose Michael33. His words were beautiful and captured life. But now his soul ventures on…

Life is too bitter when the sweet departs our eyes. All our love Michael33, Jeanne 💔


It was less than a month ago I learned Michael33, who would leave kind notes on a few of my poems, was dying. And I learned he kept a journal of his ordeal Here. The journal starts in 2015. What? Oh, how did I miss this!! The only good that came of not knowing, is being oblivious and spared the five grueling years he suffered. What a spirit he had to fight until the bitter end!

I am eternally grateful I had one last conversation with Michael33 before his voice became the wind. And I will forever treasure his last note to me.

“Good morning Jeanne. Oh my goodness… now your words have brought me to join you in the tears. What a beautiful thing for me to read this morning. It has gotten so difficult for me to write and for you to share your thoughtful, caring words with me this way is just a most beautiful way to start my day. I’m so glad you are here to lift my spirits. There’s not a lot in this world that lifts my spirits more than discovering a kind and caring spirit sharing her thoughts and words with me. Thank you so very much for your prayers and sharing my poetry with your readers. I am both honored and humbled. You have accomplished a difficult task early this morning by placing a smile upon the face of someone whose hope is fading… thank you for shining your light so brightly.

A most beautiful day to you Jeanne and again… thank you!”

7 thoughts on “Aren’t we having fun? —Michael33

  1. How beautiful and friendships of this kind are so valuable and meaningful to both. How wonderful that you were there for him, a true soul connection and you helped bring him peace even at the end..

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