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I love snow. The beauty mesmerizing. The dancing flakes lightens the air.

The child in me awakens every time the colder breeze sends rain twirling into laughing drops. I leap into my coat and boots to head outdoors to form another soul from the white stuff.

Unfortunately, the wet, packing snow is destructively beautiful. Snug in the house, roasting by a crackling fire, I kept hearing branches creaking and breaking. So I jolted outside to find my beloved birch looking like a willow. And on the opposite side of the tree, three hefty limbs broke in half. Not to mention a stately, 50-foot tall white pine in the way back, leaning heavily towards the earth. I will need a potent night cap if Im to make it through the dark tonight. And lots of prayer.

5 thoughts on “Snow

  1. What breath-taking photographs! So inspiring to my imagination! Would you allow them to be shared with writing they inspired? (I would reference, and ping back to, your site.)

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    1. The snow is still falling. About 7” so far. We shall see the damage in the morning. But trying to relax in the deafening silence of white hushing the world’s whine. Only hearing the heaviness of snow bending the tree’s bodies. And thanks. I hope I can to. ❄️🌲

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