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Feeling good about myself and others.

Home Bound

I haven’t posted many of my thoughts lately. Mostly out of a cringe in my stomach telling me to hold back the tide of bile. An anger lurks underneath the bed.

And you are healing? Aren’t you feeling your way out of the dark yet?

Ive been here so long. You fit like a glove. The peeling back of every layer. Every fear succumbs to my scratching fever. The bedside table rarely tips. The icy water barely sipped.

3 thoughts on “Feeling good about myself and others.

  1. Hi dear Jeanne,
    It has been way to long, since I last visited your virtual home! I did notice your visits to mine and I thank you for your ongoing support. Has tough as it is to realize, spending time in the dark or the light is a choice we can make. Don’t choose to stay too long in the dark, Beautiful Soul, since you have so much wisdom to share. Sending a big hug, XxX

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