Evolution of Jeanne

“I am nobody. Who are you?” Emily Dickinson poetically asks. I found my voice in her voice, on a journey of seasons, answering questions along the way. Anxiety and depression surfaces in my poetry with sparkling diamonds of joy sprinkled within. At the end, searching for elusive strength, pushing me through gorges and crags, I will find. (2009-2014).

Love spins my world. Out of the maze of life comes simplicity. Love is simple.  (2015)

First drafts a dawning day. Night, doom to a soul determined. Death, a weary friend. (2016)

Lines: living outside of the box (2017)

IT IS one month into the year 2017  and already I am itchy to change.

Two words converged:     BORDERLINE CROSSING

I tried to define what my mind was thinking and really could not pin myself down, so I leave it at this…curious and undefined.  I like it.  It says who I AM!

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  1. Hello, Jeanne; I am honoured that you chose to follow my blog at: Through The Cracked Window. I find your site refreshing and honest, also the reference you make to your, “Journey Of Seasons,” caught my eye as I published a book several years ago titled, “A Pallette Of Seasons,” it is nice to see that the paths we travel are not always as lonely as we might think: Stephen

    • Stephen, I love when someone takes time to leave a token note, so thank you. We are fashioned in countless ways and paths do converge on occasion. Yeah! J

  2. Hi! this is Charlie Zero the Poet. Thank you for responding back on the community forum. So, you’re experiencing the same thing huh? Have you fixed it? You think WordPress tech support can fix this problem?

    P.S Hope to hear from you soon.

    • No. My phone app works fine. I rebooted firefox. I updated firefox. Set my cookies. Nothing. Its tough typing on my phone but works for now. Hope they respond sooner than later. My wrists are feeling the angles.

      • I’m using my desktop computer. I also did the same thing, rebooted firefox, updated, and clean out all cookies, nothing.

        I’m hoping WordPress fixes the problem. Have you tried writing to them straight through tech support?

        If they don’t respond back. I’m going to write to them.

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  4. Love MAY BE simple, but it really need kindling everyday throughout your life if you want to sustain it, making it lasting and grow stronger! Don’t ever take it for granted!!!

    • I look forward to watching Norway unfold. My great-grandmother and grandfather are from Finland, close neighbors to you. Cheers, J

    • Oh yes. Strength and courage to be, blessing with kindness, purposefully impacting the dark. Agree! Thanks again for being a part of my world and i look forward to Norway’s beauty you lovingly share. Peace, J

  5. Thanks for subscribing to my blog, Jeanne.
    Here you’ll find more than 5000 ‘full screen pictures’ from Norway, – and hopefully new inspiration for more beautiful poems? And if you cherish what you find, please don’t hesitate to tell your friends about us?

  6. These lines from Fruit Gathering by Rabindranath Tagore come to my mind now,

    I WILL MEET one day the Life within me, the joy that hides in my life, though the days perplex my path with their idle dust.
    I have known it in glimpses, and its fitful breath has come upon me making my thoughts fragrant for a while.
    I will meet one day the Joy without me that dwells behind the screen of light-and will stand in the overflowing solitude where all things are seen as by their creator.

    Nice to see the honesty and simplicity in this blog. Wish you love , joy and peace.

    • “My thoughts fragrant for a while.” Yes!

      I yearn for whatever is beautiful. Still, I never shy away from the raw edges that need binding. My love of quilting; the fabric of life, resting in another’s warmth, love healing a bleeding heart. Oh, how I long to be able to quilt again. Too much sorrow right now. Thanks for visiting and sharing such impactful words. Blessings abundant, He came to bring life, J

  7. Beautiful piece! I love how your blog is so differently set out. It is one of the stand outs from many that i have come across, Instant follower of you now, cheers! 🙂

    • Yes!! I was away from blogging awhile. A writing rest. I am delving back into the sphere of thought and I am happy to reunite with blogging friends. Great to hear from you. 😀

  8. Always searching, never finding, holding onto hope. Always doing, never reaping, giving into smoke.The fog does lift and beneath it lies what every one desires. Understanding, what meager minds can bear. Peace Brett, not as the world gives, to all who will receive.

  9. Thanks for coming by to like my last post on Backyard Philosophy. I really appreciate it. HAve a nice day and keep up your spiritual search!

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