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Music Get me out of this Funk

Only way to survive the insanity is to turn up the volume. Dance! See you on the other side of the Moon… “Little Red Corvette” Prince “She’s Strange” Cameo “She Works Hard for Her Money” Donna Summer “Whip It” Devo “Nasty Girl” Vanity 6 “Maniac” Michael Sembello “Love is a Stranger” Eurythmics “Sunglasses at Night”…

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Gonna Win

Coming back one way or another… a year and i will be dancing on stage. Age is all mental and physically i’m gonna rock my world! Ive been under the haters thumb and i wagged to their beat not my own drum but this girl has a heart that wont repeat the lies ive been…

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I am infatuated with my depression and craziness, I understand Sylvia’s expression. I have been at the edge, thoughts of death in my head. Reality slips in, thoughts of those who care, keeps me here. *** When I was younger, the prime of my youth, dreams were dashed.I had no reason to live. Invisible, told…

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The Palace Theatre

What a wonderful evening spent with my daughter. The show was stupendous. Charming, funny and a great dance piece at the end. Magnificent!! Bravo!! All the classic Gershwin scores I remember listening to as a kid. This show is a must see!! New York, New York. I want to wake up, in the city that…

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We may not understand someone’s journey, poetry or faith, but bloggers can appreciate those who stop by and spend time looking at our posts. A sign of camaraderie. We learn from each other, fall in love with works of art but also find objection and feel deep opinions. Gratitude reminds us we are alive. Life’s…

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Come talk, the last flow of coffee drips white cream circling rings unfolding of fable and tales of “used to be hope” breathing against the impossible bricks feminists standing against our world a last surface the probability comes: the “us” ends. The bird’s skulls sleeping. I have never participated in a writing prompt but thought…

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Dance of the Potter’s wheel

Sunday morning poetry. Church: words spoken to me, shared lovingly with you. My second chance to shape my faith every Sunday for a year. I stand at the center of a world gone awry surrounded by words of despondent grief locked inside cells of skin waterproof until the acrid tears travel down this desolate road…

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Photo: Alex Markovich. Camera: SONY DSC-R1.  Lovely photography on his blog. Source: Loneliness Who hasn’t been here before drifting down a river stuck in the brokenness traps and ensnares movement stagnant desperate stares. Understanding mood is fickle sometimes welcomed rest, sit a while contemplative soul you are not on trial. His photograph grabbed my interest this…

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Summer heat

I dread the sun today I seek quiet. Solitude comforts me finding peace. Each poem a dance,  a missing puzzle piece of another poem, perhaps “it could have been” it’s match? This poem may never find a mate.

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