Goals for 2019 and other musings…

Popping on to WP… to say HI! And to give everyone who follows my blog an update as to what I HOPE happens in 2019. First, and foremost, I have missed all of you lovely poets, artists and dreamers… HOPE you are well and busy as my world has been quite busy too. Beyond movingContinue reading “Goals for 2019 and other musings…”

personal musings unleashed…

I see far too many people who are not thinking… and well i have to turn away and protect my thoughts. composting logic reality forced anger paths burdened with tears My religious views are Work-in-Progress and my political views are Independent. I am a free thinker who will listen and either agree or disagree withContinue reading “personal musings unleashed…”

It is as if…

Where to start? It is as if my life is being lived in one day… with no way to slow down. Juggling between need-to-do and want-to-do and compromising. All this beauty is descending upon my head in rocket speed… the town i have moved to is bursting at the seems with poetry and dance. HarvardContinue reading “It is as if…”

i am not neglecting you. personal musings unleashed.

Sorry i have not had time to peruse your blogs. I am usually quite attentive. Of late i am swirling in personal obligations. Life is happening… again. I am fully alive and grateful to have passed through ten years of darkened days, oft taken for night. Days of sleep are now past. I am busyContinue reading “i am not neglecting you. personal musings unleashed.”

Regarding Beauty

Please click to read Sigrun’s “Regarding Beauty” Sub Rosa’s quiet and contemplative blog that never disappoints. Her post is in regards to Andrew Wyeth. Mr. Wyeth was an American artist, who happened to vacation on Monhegan Island, Maine with his son Jamie Wyeth, also quite a remarkable artist. Yes, my Monhegan that I hold soContinue reading “Regarding Beauty”

December 22, 2017

Photo modified with Pic Collage Beware the sun setting. This encourages the claws to rise within. Early this morning i was doing well. It is now mid-day. I feel myself sailing off into the abyss. This abyss is not heaven. Its hell on steroids. Whether its the packing up of my beloved writing room, orContinue reading “December 22, 2017”

Swim Against the Waves

For my lovely daughter. Always. And Forever. Wow! Yesterday was quite eventful. Not in a good way either. There is a back story to this story that unfolded shortly after breakfast. I was busy writing Christmas greetings to family and friends, realizing how few cards we had received this year. The amount of personal greetingsContinue reading “Swim Against the Waves”

With much gratitude

This is truly a heartfelt post. Why? You!!! I never could have imagined sitting here nine years ago. I could barely talk. Was I saying any thing? Perhaps in my eyes you would have seen the pain. I welcomed death. I contemplated suicide. After a year of therapy, my confidante encouraged me to reach out.Continue reading “With much gratitude”


I am saddened on this day of freedom.  Why?  For my sake?  Oh, in the least.  I have fond memories of days spent with my children, free in the meadow, looking underneath milkweed leaves to find the eggs of monarch caterpillars.  The egg being no larger than a period it took a dedicated mind toContinue reading “Period.”

The Letter

The Letter No longer do I sit at my desk ponder what he is thinking of me. The coffee cold I put away the linen paper with gold border just my initials scrawled at the bottom. He will know who I am yet I search for the girl inside, my desires for a man IContinue reading “The Letter”