share your smile
let your voice carry
in silence, your whisper
burns in to my heart
i bury my life with you
saw the sun shine through
the winds… feel them blow
around us and we twirl

twirl until our wings no longer fly…

certainly no poem is ever finished… at least not until i am no longer able to change, erase, recite, replace

this view from my eyes…

i am not neglecting you. personal musings unleashed.

Sorry i have not had time to peruse your blogs. I am usually quite attentive. Of late i am swirling in personal obligations. Life is happening… again. I am fully alive and grateful to have passed through ten years of darkened days, oft taken for night. Days of sleep are now past. I am busy setting up a home in Massachusetts. Last week was spent in Cape Cod while our red oak floors were refinished. The floors are beautiful again. I am feeling beautiful too! 😍😘😊

Never have i felt so at peace. Not since Christmas 1990, when finally in 1995, i was awakened to grace and forgiveness… my rollercoaster emotions in 2008 took me drowning in feels of self-defeat. Grief. Guilt. Despair. A season of MDD with psychosis set in. Luckily minds change. So mine is too! For the better. A healing is happening in this house move.

I will get to your blogs. In time. I have not forgotten you. You matter. I will be by soon enough…

some of my time spent in art galleries…

spoken skies

the curious soul
the delight of life
dwell in the impossible
find the possible
spred far your quilted heart
pieces of life sewn
with zig and zag
mindful ever of neighbors
far and wide!

Reject the negative… even the negative disguised as something otherwise. Discern life as you pass through the skies…

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What would you name the autobiography of your life?

Meet Me Outside

Which do you prefer sweet, salty or buttery?Β 


What’s the finest education?

Although experience is the greatest teacher, it is often harsh. Reading living books as per the Charlotte Mason philosophy. One can survive reading a book.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?

Spent yesterday with a friend at the Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston, showed off my house and met her sister and brother-in-law.

personal musings unleashed

Every time you try fixing other’s problems, pride becomes the new problem. Let us call it a Savior’s mentality that becomes overblown. You may have your pet humanitarian projects… mine happen to be homeless women and children. My heart is ravished by their plight… but realistically i know my attempt to help is fruited by a few apples. I cannot carry a bushel when a peck is more than i can chew!

That hurts! What pains me even more are accusations of others who cannot possibly hear the ache creaking as i wallow in grief… no one wants to see endless pain… but who is the real culprit here? Those trying to better their lives or those willing to survive on eager means and hoping someone digs them out of misery? We all want pleasure… the ease of life. Is it right to rant against those who are able to enjoy life?

There are certainly those who have more than me. We all have problems. Even the richest person has to carry broken-down cars, fuel-guzzling planes and derailed trains. Who really carries the weight of this world?