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Words of others are stepping stones to a world that often does not greet us kindly. Searching for meaning is futile when we only consult books for answers. Our steps begin to count when we experience a whole host of situations. The circle becomes complete when we permit our thoughts to reside at an open door for another to walk through. What love we missed growing we gain by living. I love sharing this journey with you. J Follow the Son

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Photos taken with Iphone 4s. Turkey Run State Park, Indiana, USA.

Please do not use these photos without asking permission.

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Santa Fe, New Mexico

Everyone is talking about bucket lists and I only have a few desires I absolutely have to accomplish.

  1. Visit Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  2. See a moose.
  3. See a roadrunner. (I did see a Saguaro cactus in 2013 so that is fulfilled.)
  4. Publish a poem (blush).
  5. Finish composing letters to my three children.

This summer I will be able to check off #1. I feel worthy enough to attend a poetry workshop with Claude Wilkinson at ( at the Glen Retreat ( sponsored by Image Journal (  The fact that it is being held in Santa Fe is a bucket list dream fulfilled.

A goal of mine, while attending this event, will be to soak in the atmosphere of Santa Fe. Besides Paris, it is the ultimate personal inspiration. The vibrant color, the smell of chilies, the regional architecture, the expansive views, the history and culture of a people, the sound of festivals and bustling markets and the leisurely evening stroll down a decorated sidewalk of light.

There will be no rush here. Only time memorialized for future blog postings. I cannot forget to bring my Nikon 5500.





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Facebook page

My poetry blog has a complimentary facebook page where I post links to creative tidbits of knowledge helpful to further the craft of writing and other arts. I will share personal commentary regarding current events, historical quips, quotes and other such things. My page should be embedded on the sidebar, but it is not showing, so until I work out the quirks, here is a link to my page.


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are we allowed
to change our mind?
To see life in a new light,
awaken one’s soul
in endless galaxies

We seek truth
wherever it exists.
Saddened faces
longing for relief
sends us running
for the stars.

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Crossing Bridges

the bridge we all must cross!

I had a dream. I was preaching in an inner-city church about where I had been, where I am now and where the Lord is leading. I carry this vivid dream in my heart.

God’s people walk dangerous roads looking to bring restoration and peace.
On the bridge we cross!

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Days are short
the sun is gone
time is all we have
the night drags
the moon shines on

We hide behind
the fear grips hold
Hostages hidden in moonlight
demanding light for ransom.
The cold expanse robs time.©