Oh!! Wake
ocean waves!!
to the violent
and calm.
God crashes into me.
The veil rips
open and through
past and present storm.
The gulls whisper
“Be still!
Believe heart!”
And I let their cry echo the day.

Poetry lives beyond
the hollow walls,
these poems a veneer.
What lies beneath?

-you invite me
pull the strings,
watch you leave me
an empty tomb.

Yes! you rose
while i lay damned,
this skeleton
skewered on your poker stick.

unable to substantiate
sinew and muscle
i sail off into tangents
unable to see.

we use to crave the answers
stumble knowing
somethings burning
-unaware of what.

-what is there? what
questions should i ask
and are the answers
what i need?

You and me were answers
weren’t we?
you answer “Not me.”
I am just more questions.

My wings
ponder how to fly,
so you leave dead
forgetting deeper still exists

don’t tell me
i am right where
i need to be,
you need to set me free.

heard your voice
in the distance,
no face to glow
only memories of talk.

so i sit -dare
write you letters
to send away,
you never aware.

don’t tell me
i am right where
i need to be,
you need to set me free.

all i did
was stop and
you broke through,
no answers to give.

so i sit -wonder
where are you now,
look out the window
to find -you’re not there.

my refuge
home away from
home sweet home, distant
there, see, you stand erect
and yet we ostensibly connect. Be.

it is okay
to know me,
for my heart to bleed
and find you never
truly held thee.

a fog lifts
to reappear
thicker, denser
claims the darker
casting spells of fear.

shake off
the rumbling clouds
the damp
straddling two destinations
soulless, lost in anger.

a dash of light
strikes brilliantly bright
emerge blind
worn, confused
Come! watch me vanish.

flailing arms
reach for your celestial lights,
to evade the journey,
black holes lead
this pilgrim deeper.


do you fashion your life
to experience color?
close your eyes to dream?

this brush with life
a deeper shade,
quilted hues of you.