Your answer unacceptable

Ive begged and pleaded

bought caged birds to sacrifice -free this space. Inside.

No time to fix the broken china

dinner cold and the rivers swollen

I’m ready, so take me home. Lord.

Your answer unacceptable. No time to fix the china. Baby’s hungry and your gone.


“Yesterday. I keep on speaking of yesterday as if nothing will come of today.” Who says such words to stir my affection?

Exposé departs the border -rules the space. Brave vowels, ravenously mouth the thoughts. Utterances, breathe air -risen on smoke.

“I have not figured out who you are, but I will find you.” My only reply.

I’ve made reservations. Sit with me. Then we will confess our hearts.

They tell me the moon is full of secrets, hidden in the noon day.

The echo grew louder
while the sky grew dark.

Only chance your secrets will bother, is when shadows take their nap.

I didn’t think I’d cry. I cried.

Tears stop abruptly
then dry up.

And with that….

I’m off. To meet my best friend. She always believed in me. Still sees the beauty beyond the eyes.

Met so long ago, we have kept the hourglass turned. Found time to be there for each other. Through it all, Zefan, you will never quite know how much your care has brought me through. I am on my way. Tears are swelling.

Dams will break. You shall see. It is me. And you. In our thoughts we share this world.

Is it me? The shy one? I think I have misunderstood the world all along. I am the one who dances in the street, smells the vase of flowers in the store, smiles at you while you stare at the floor.

I was the one with clipped wings. Tied to the whipping post. Your tongue lashes to martyr my soul.

Remember me? I had forgotten all my dreams. My star dust blanketing the streets. Then you came along, swept up the fun, looked my way. I curtsied, bowed to the floor. Flowers thrown in the air.

Yes. It is me. Up there on stage. Grateful you entered the door.

Mob Haiku: Dissedmas Carol

Now that I have totally washed out all the season’s hope…

Bookem Jan comes to the rescue, to bring you a laugh.

Jan’s haikus in my feed bring me a chuckle every morning. Then I turn around and feel blue. I have been here before, have come through the mist, so i won’t worry. Until then…

Bookem Jan will cure your ills. Or at least i hope so. Go read her!! Thanks.

Not going to dirty up my life…

Refuse me -and

my words, you treat them like daggers

homeless thoughts with nowhere to perch

they need rest, a safe place to sleep. Tonight,

my mind in a whirl and only pills can stop the twirl

swallowed with a bottle of Sailor Jerry’s rum -Yum!

regrets in the morning always come!

Still no plan to conquer these thoughts

memories caught. I have pocketfuls

reach in, they grab my hand -won’t release, until

I take one out, massage, breathe in.

Not going to dirty up my life, but I always do

slyly creep into sleep and vanish once again.