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Mixed Media and me Part Four

 a fragrant petal
find peace, wash away your grief
swallowed by the waves

lotus blossom
sail the world
return again for me

To bring a little peace, listen to a jazzy Duke spit out his vibes…

My newest stamp “Lotus Blossom”

No basket holds
the universe
now, inside a stirring mind
torrents of years spill out.


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On dying, phobias and watching tv (or the meaning in it all)

To fear the inevitable, is to keep the television on, knowing there is nothing worth watching. 

–Jeanne October 14, 2016

She waited to tell them,
afraid of their answer.
Smirks of unbelief
or torrents of grief?

Their grief she couldn’t believe
as they stared into the television
fake lives seeming real,
hollow thoughts approaching the mist.

A balance of unpredictable
fearing plans to take place,
she doesn’t need to talk
when she’s feeling fine.

Thoughts irrational
thinking it could happen,
not the same as doing,
finding control with time.

Calm herself among closed space
a sympathetic crib 
spread wide grandma’s quilt 
ignore the pictures on the wall

pull a pillow over
lie in apprehension
can’t stand the gasping
get beyond the gasping.

she didn’t think about living or dying but becoming numb without feeling, afraid to open her eyes.

She lived to write
waiting for the words to dry
wondering if they’d read her letter
felt the fear coming on.

the tv screen white, 

all a bit fuzzy, 

she didn’t think about living or dying but becoming numb without feeling, 

afraid to open her eyes.



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Mixed Media and me Part Three

I dont paint things

I imagine the difference

then paint the space between 

–J 10/13/2016

Taking art lessons for the past five Thursdays, with a few weeks left, has released me from my head and brought me closer to the heart.  This is my Charlie stamp, crafted today, in honor of her formidable spirit; she knew her life a brief six months, three weeks enthralled in my arms. She knew what it meant to live and never realized what it meant to die. Only I dwell in that space. 

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Staying alive

In the garden  
–Jeanne 2016

Toadies discovered a star-lit party nation.

Hibernation, not what it use to be
the toads plan on grooving
through the night’s creation
underground disco dancing sensation.

Come on down, the night is young
ladies all grooving by his side
feeling like he’s made the tide
swooning the love, moving inside
Toadies waiting for the day is done, sweeping up the floor.

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Heartbreak’s heartache

Daily Post fun…

Blind Cupid, 1917, Marble, B.L. Pratt Photo by Jeanne (MFA, Boston)

She fears the dark
never loosening its grip
upon heartbreak’s heart so pure,
seen the Lord in many a dream
promises of peace and grace and love assured.

She imagines His existence
too far away
the vision becomes dim
acknowledging the fissure
between faith and belief and suffering grim.

Heartbreak’s heartache
just another day
of Adam and Eve
a serpent to believe
he will always get his way.

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Andy caught the quagmire of day
mundane car wheels pass his way
rock’n him to sleep,
rock’n rock’n rock’n him to sleep.

What is worth, worth?
questions and riddles
bother not to wonder why.
Andy makes us think.

Pearl, how you gonna save Andy?
such answers, figure them out,
figure them out, figure them out
illusions pass away before your eyes.

Mundane car wheels pass his way
rock’n him to sleep
Pearl, how you gonna save him now
save him now, save him now.

While all the other kids were out playing ball and stuff, I used to stay in my room and imagine that there was a camera in the wall. And I used to really believe that I was putting on a television show and that it was going out to somewhere in the world. –Andy Kaufman


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The dance of life -Edvard Munch 1899-1900

Since the beginning of time
man yearned to hold
bare hands grabbing the void.
Who knows where thoughts descend
knowledge within himself?
boulders resting on shoulders.

Rocks for sitting and moving and groaning
time expanding and growing, infinitely exploding.

Plans from a power unseen
acknowledging humanity’s innocence green
contemplating our enemies.
Oral stories spread through the land
From where did they come?
the dance of life moving on.

Time between legs inspiring
tucked between the ways of seeing
inquisitive symbols depart thoughts.
Creating in white, red and black
why discovery depicted in painting?
determined to be so clear.

Rocks for sitting and moving and groaning
time expanding and growing, infinitely exploding.