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Corner Shadows

It didn’t seem
appropriate, flowers on her desk
wilting, another symptom
considering the puzzle pieces.
Petals fell, smiles from broken
vases and empty faces
warm ovens baking loaves of bread
toasty words spread.
Living in a VW Beetle
shivering in the night
heading to work
walking lonely through the crowd.
Not knowing what was
calmed the waves
watching those outside
throwing pebbles at their hunger.
The grumble from the stomach
not nearly as tragic
as the silence
raging in occupied halls.
The oblivious
symptom of the haves
and have not, no more immense
than the horizon.
Great things lie
ahead of every storm
keep watch
the ocean rises to meet the sun.

Written for a lady I met in Santa Fe who told me her story after two days of greeting and smiles. I still wait for her promised letter. As the days pass I grieve we may never hear or see each other again.

We each wrote a poem for the other and I will dig that out to share. A very personal poem as I was reluctant, but beautiful words all the same and I begin to feel the sharing appropriate after much contemplation. She too is a poet and my time spent at the bed and breakfast, as good as the tamales were, it was our words shared, enriching the space between.

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Dog Life

Louie becomes my biggest fan
a span of time

from couch to fridge to bed. 

A girl and her dog.

I’m tired of thinking

when my heart knows best.
Political lies spewed

retires my brain to rest. 

Here is to a doggone goodnight, cheers!

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Modern Girl

am i that girl
on the street
avoiding sidewalk cracks?

muddled news stories
my power to disagree
ground coarsely with salt.

or perhaps not enough
seasoning, lacking soul
they tell me “It’s all it can be.”

am i that girl
easily swayed
instructed some way?

they tell me its not enough
to dream…
I say it’s all I can be.

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Love #1

Love, love will change the world?

The heart shrouded
pulls the threads
dangling from the sun.

Mother always told her children
to be kind
but never loved enough.

Father said to strike back
or else be struck
lose more than could be handled.

Either solution leaves
gaping holes
heat escapes from broken skin.

Light turned off
love burned out
hope snuffed away.

Clouded by pretend play
the children ramble on
learning new ways.

Faith, faith to bandage the sorrow?

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This World

one struggles alone
caught in the trappings of words
actions to follow

she needed to know
love conquers fear and truth rises
her intentions real

one quick act follows
paradise lost to ego
pride’s reality

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Devil in a white dress

Words slippery, falling on wet moss
shifting in the shadows of grown beards
lies a devil in a white dress.

Lost in the fog
appearing in your head
she wants to know where she is
and still you cant tell her
where your visions go.

All she needs to know is
shifting in the shadows of grown beards
lies a devil in a white dress.