Moon Speak

You truly deserve all accolades you receive and not just from me. You are a steady hand, holding your pen. And if you feel otherwise, it does not show. I agree with you about words. They are fickle. But only between my clutched hands. No taming them for me. They speak back and demand attentionContinue reading “Moon Speak”

Love Wars

Avoidance of pain. I’m realizing how i am trying my hardest not to feel and yet feeling deeply. I’ve let my mind wander. And I’m not sorry at all, to you, for gifting you value. I like being in your space. And i know you’ve told me to go. Not in words but in otherContinue reading “Love Wars”

run away.

Life is washing over me and my reaction muted. In the process of being overwhelmed i have lost a desire to share. Will I find strength to shoot the barrel. Letters locked and loaded. They suffer and land on days grown cold. The intimacy dares to run away. If I stay, will i manage toContinue reading “run away.”


I am. I have not left home. Not yet. Not until tomorrow morning. I hope the coming days in Florida prove restful. To be stuck in between dreams, for years, leaves me wanting to disappear while I finish off old memories and crave new ideas. To remain in limbo leaves me off kilter. In JaneContinue reading “Disappear”

Found in the Lost Pile of Civility

The year 2018 is locked away. The key, fiery hot, so as not to entice people to hold on. Look back. I look forward to 2019. My prayer focuses on the war of words, which has reached a feverish pitch. I honestly hope people’s superiority complexes does not burn down houses; leave room to erectContinue reading “Found in the Lost Pile of Civility”

Heading out and feeling guilty…

Life is full. Rapturous. Engaging. how easily swiftly defeatingly im drug back to the war zone -death. Sometimes death frees more than the person gone. Other times it chains hearts to dreams and wishes. And then there is death that haunts forever. I think our Creator is wrong… love will not save the world. UnlessContinue reading “Heading out and feeling guilty…”

bullshit and bile

In everyone’s “I’m not going to be phony, phoniness… ” Ah, I just need to gripe to someone. I can feel the volcanic ash rising. I’ve been burnt… smoldering for years. I need to release the trash compiled… hidden in recesses and crevices and tunnels. Cut the crap! Get to the point! I leaf throughContinue reading “bullshit and bile”