Iron Sharpens Iron

timid soul sparks lighta feeble space to wondersharpen iron words And when at last you find someone to whom you feel you can pour out your soul, you stop in shock at the words you utter— they are so rusty, so ugly, so meaningless and feeble from being kept in the small cramped dark insideContinue reading “Iron Sharpens Iron”

VDay Songs

Send your favorites. Here is one of mine…🔗❤️🥰 Do you wanna be an angel Do you wanna be a star Do you wanna play some magic on my guitar Do you wanna be a poet Do you wanna be my string You could be anything Do you wanna be the lover of another Undercover you couldContinue reading “VDay Songs”

My Morning Mind

I am scribbling away, trying to keep up with my thoughts. The coffee was brewing and the aroma had me thinking this morning. Again. Stuck in a corner with piled papers around my feet. Shuffling through them, I came across a Steinbeck quote. Lessons on love and hate. My mind wanders as I watch theContinue reading “My Morning Mind”


I am. I have not left home. Not yet. Not until tomorrow morning. I hope the coming days in Florida prove restful. To be stuck in between dreams, for years, leaves me wanting to disappear while I finish off old memories and crave new ideas. To remain in limbo leaves me off kilter. In JaneContinue reading “Disappear”

What if?

Life is a tragedy until you make it a comedy. –Me I love storytelling and dance and the creativeness of being. There is purpose in art. There is a reason we have an imagination. But ever more, I feel squeamish at the way we are being manipulated in our thoughts by the shimmer of fameContinue reading “What if?”


Life-wrenching mind-sucking dream-crushing world of good intentions void of convictions deeply wounded resting in Grace’s chair God molding me the potter and mending clay, faith muscles stretch to forgive home bound -secure traveling towards space. — (An older poem from a different mindset. Hopefully not too mind-crushing or numbing for the second day of 2020!Continue reading “Security”

Writers are Readers

Regurgitate. As social animals, we do this regularly. We eat words and spit them out for others to swallow. Recycle what everyone else has already said numerous times by bulimic practices. Twice daily, for good measure. Then proceed to wonder why we historically never truly change. Revolution. In order to avoid this social practice, IContinue reading “Writers are Readers”

Here’s looking at you kid.

How many times have I watched Casablanca without catching the interweaving of espionage and intrigue with undying romance? Too many. I actually thought, until this latest viewing, that Ilsa Lund left on the plane to America, alone. Never realized she was married and her man was fighting valiantly behind-the-scenes. I was so focused on theContinue reading “Here’s looking at you kid.”