Hate on me… i lied

What am i doing here this morning? Did i not say i was gone from WP? Well a thought entered my head after reading a post in a closed group i belong to on FB… and decided to share here as well. So, what is the group? Survivors of Suicide. A group i did notContinue reading “Hate on me… i lied”

Thursday Door(s)

Realized i have not put up any of my door pictures of late… so, cheers, to the WP door fanatics… and quote gurus. “And by and by Christopher Robin came to the end of things, and he was silent, and he sat there, looking out over the world, just wishing it wouldn’t stop.” -A.A. MilneContinue reading “Thursday Door(s)”

A book is published…

Not me. Probably will never be me… watch as i slip behind the curtain. But seriously, what is better than a dark, psychological thriller for 99 cents? Feeling good about supporting an author. So go purchase here and you can read more about Jennie Ensor here. Why are you still here? GO Splurge 99 centsContinue reading “A book is published…”

Once when I was in high school… (reblog) and personal musings unleashed.

One person lost, is another person found… sorry if laughing is rude… i am highly entertained by you lately. Oh my! You are a riot! Please tell me if i am wrong in understanding you… what i perceive may not be registering correctly. And my high school days… ummm… 🤐 Once when I was inContinue reading “Once when I was in high school… (reblog) and personal musings unleashed.”

Nietzsche’s Questionnaire (reblog)

Daniel Paul Marshall’s blog… click link to read the complete post. “Nietzsche concludes book III (268-275) of The Gay Science by posing 8 questions to himself & answering them. I found, answering them as if they were philosophically incentivized Rorschach blotches, quite revealing.” Finally posting my answers to the 8 questions… (and yours?) What makesContinue reading “Nietzsche’s Questionnaire (reblog)”

personal musings unleashed

Let’s get something straight, shall we? There is quite a bit people do not know about me and rightfully so. Most will never get to know me much more than what I tend to share here. I feel I share a lot but there is much I keep hidden. I have learned people do notContinue reading “personal musings unleashed”

Book Review: And Other Things

Hey! Bought your book… perhaps i should do a book review? My first impression, because poetry books are more than words to me… because i desire a vision… and while i witness your book, i first notice the layout of the page. Anyhow…. And i was given permission. Because i asked. Hell, i could justContinue reading “Book Review: And Other Things”

knowledge: 3-2-1 quote

Hey Rory! Good morning ☀️ thanks for tagging, your it for a quotes game… i gladly oblige… Love, love, love to read quotes and Jimi, Dr Seuss and Epicurus understand knowledge is a gift so i pay it forward and spread their wisdom… “It is better to know how to learn than to know.” –Continue reading “knowledge: 3-2-1 quote”