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A short story I wrote – enjoy! (Reblog.)

‘’Have you ever heard of smiley face killers?’’ my friend asked. ‘’Smiley face killers?’’ I asked. ‘’College-aged men who end up dead in the water, with signs of torture? Is this where your journalistic investigations have taken you now, Alice?’’ A short story I wrote – enjoy! — Read on

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Sebnem Sanders

Sebnem Sanders is more than Another Blogger. Today I call her friend. And I am beyond elated to send along her debut book link, as posted on her blog. I am expectantly waiting for my book to arrive as early as tomorrow. The anticipation of holding the pages surreal, knowing all the thoughts are carried…

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Black Cloud

From a distance life remains unfocused.  It runs together to form one big massive clot.  Oh! how double minded lazily lying slumbering thoughts on the horizon. She had to know what comprised the cloud that danced tragically upon the firmament.  As she approached the acrobatic figure,  she noticed the birds keeping time with the neighbors…

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All these moons

It was he she wanted more than the others. Not because she loved him with purity but his freshness stirred her senses. Wide-eyed she approached, he didn’t blink. He felt the heat, her purring heart advancing. She stood closer. He felt no flinch. This the match she waited for all these moons.

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It was the unanswered questions he fell in love with; the quest never ending.  Buried under colored sheets were tales untold. Secrets. Should he choose what lies behind the green curtain or wait, should he choose the blue?  Certainly red would prove dangerous, his heart too aged and brittle to peer behind that cloth.  She…

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sorrow has no name

Winter was never the problem. Ice was a savior on days when wind whipped through the crevices, her force unable to shut out the world. She did not mean to be a burden. She walked with no name. 

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The words pierced her skin Bled within Daggers to curse her will. Every so often, in a fit of spark, words tumbled from every notion creeping ’round the marrow, no counting allowed.  The lady lay down the bills, one, two, three, four with one extra, hungrily held, crisply unfolded, $100 it read. She reluctantly handed…

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“Do you know the worst thing about life?” He paused, giving a sideway glance with no sign of a smile. “Death?” she inquired with eyes averted toward a dark tunnel, slowly emerging from the soil. “No. Its living.” Im relieved the chains that weighed me down have been removed. I walk through the landscape; trees,…

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